Tip of the Day: Free Autodesk Software for Education

Did you know that Autodesk, the company behind a whole host of industry standard applications for 3D modelling and CAD drawing, makes all of its products available for education, completely free of charge? The Autodesk Education Community is a fantastic resource for aspiring modellers, animators, architects, and engineers. There are over 70 products available for download including the widely-used 3ds Max, Maya, Mudbox, and AutoCAD.

While this is an incredibly generous offering, don't forget to read the fine-print: education licences are only valid for activities directly relating to education (/training / research / etc.--read the licence carefully for more details), and are not so for any form of commercial usage.

Those with an email address at an academic institute can find details on how to register for the education community here. The licences are time-limited to 3 years, but if you still have your education email address when one expires, or as new versions are released, you can extend licences for another 3 years at a time.