Tip of the Day: Free BitBucket for Education Accounts

If you use Git (or to put it another way: if you write code), you probably already know about BitBucket--Atlassian's Git and Mercurial hosting service which offers unlimited private repositories on their free tier. What you might not know is that Atlassian offers free upgrades to their unlimited account tier for anyone with an email address at an educational institute--students and staff alike.

But wait, you say, I already have unlimited private repositories, what more could the unlimited plan possibly offer me? BitBucket's paid tiers are built around team size and collaborators. On the free account, you can only give 5 other people (across your account) access to your repositories. The unlimited account removes this restriction which can be very beneficial in education. Imagine a scenario where a lecturer wants to give a full class group write access to a repository--you won't be able to do this with the free account tier.

To avail of this free upgrade, make sure you use your education email address to sign-up. If you have multiple email addresses attached to your account, make sure your education address is the account's primary email address. For most people the upgrade will be automatic when you sign-up with an email address from a known academic institute. However, if you signed up with a different email address and later added your education address, or your education address wasn't recognised, you can manually request the upgrade by filling out this form. If you have to go the manual request route, the upgrade may take some time to process (possibly several weeks), but it will happen eventually.

To get started with BitBucket, head on over to https://bitbucket.org/ and sign-up for a free account.